Laurie Lee Cosby and Donna Hinds Sawyers conduct workshops on the local and national level. They have presented collaborative clinics, master classes, lectures, recitals and have served on many adjudication panels.  Their studio business model is nationally recognized and their expertise in CCM vocal production is sought after across Texas.  They are available to clinic or adjudicate and their favorite topics include:


  • Independent Private Studio Development & Management based on their book , “A Most Rewarding Independent Music Studio” editor Scott McCoy, Inside View Press.
  • The Collaborative Independent Music Studio
  • Musical Theatre, Classical and CCM Master Classes & Vocal Production
  • Vocal Health
  • Performance Practice & Presentation
  • Laurie Lee Cosby is also available for sessions on: Worship, Worship Vocals, Hymn Sings

Upcoming Events


Lectures/Masterclasses/Workshops/Adjudication/Recitals ETC.

Due to COVID, the scheduling of events has been suspended for the past year. Laurie Lee Cosby is now available for events in Texas and Oklahoma.

*Sundays, August 1, 29 @ 10:30 a.m. (Fellowship Bible Church, Longview, TX)  Join with Laurie Lee Cosby, the band and a great community at Fellowship for gospel centered worship!

*Tuesday, October 12 or 26 @ 9:30 a.m. (University of North Texas, Denton, TX) Laurie Lee Cosby will be presenting her co-authored book, “A Most Rewarding Independent Music Studio” for Stephen Austin’s Vocal Pedagogy class.







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