Studio Policy

This policy applies to students enrolled in a performance package.

1) 12 sessions of instruction including 9-10 lessons, 2-3 master classes and a recital will be included in the studio Events Calendar for the Partner Lesson/Bella Voce Performance Package programs for junior high and high school students. Extra lessons given outside the 12 weeks of the Partner Lesson/Bella Voce Performance Package calendar will be considered extra sessions at the individual Lesson/Coaching price.  Individual coaching students should work with their instructor to form custom schedules.

2) Partner Lesson/Bella Voce Performance Package students may enroll by phone or e-mail and must secure their spot for the semester by paying a $25.00 Registration Fee and signing the studio Contract and Release Form. The Registration Fee covers miscellaneous expenses including a studio notebook. There is also a $100 Performance Fee due the first lesson of the session. Students who participate in NATS Auditions will have additional Entry and Accompanist Fees. All Fees are paid to Studio Bella Voce and are non-refundable.  There is no enrollment for individual coaching students.

3) Tuition for the Partner Lesson/Bella Voce Performance Packages can be paid in full or divided into 4 equal payments due usually the first week of the month or as specified on the studio Events Calendar. Sessions will not be given without payment and there will be a $10 charge for all late payments. Students who register late will pay a prorated tuition amount commensurate with the number of sessions left in the semester. Individual Lesson/Coaching students must pay for each lesson on the day of the lesson or the first lesson in a package of three for a discount. Tuition is paid to Studio Bella Voce.

4) Students enrolled in Partner Lesson/Bella Voce Performance Packages are expected to attend all Master Classes as part of their comprehensive vocal instruction. Master Classes are the key to building performance polish. Master Class is required for those planning on performing in an upcoming recital. Individual Lesson/Coaching students and non-SBV students may participate in classes and recitals for an additional fee.

5) Regular and punctual attendance is required. Sessions will begin at the appointed time. If a student is late, the lesson will end on time, so as not to inconvenience the next student. In the rare event the student arrives for a lesson and the instructor is not present, the student should wait the standard 10 minutes before leaving the studio site. An instructor is not obligated to wait more than 10 minutes if a student is late and there has been no notification.

6) Twenty four hours notice is required in the event that a student must be absent. Individual coaching students paying on the day of a lesson must give 24 hour notice in order to avoid being charged for the lesson.  The instructor is not obligated to give a make-up private lesson or credit when a student misses a session that has been paid for ahead of time in a package. However, credit or a make-up private lesson will be given if the instructor misses. Snow days or any other emergency closings will follow Conroe ISD (The Woodlands) and New Diana ISD. Make-up sessions or credit will be given in the event of a closing.

7) Students should bring a recording device, music, studio notebook and bottled water to all lessons and rehearsals. Cell phones should be turned off during all lessons, classes and rehearsals unless they are being used for recording. Songbooks will be specified by the instructor. We recommend students get two songbooks to start and one new songbook per semester.

8) While we have a great appreciation for our parents, most students learn best without parental observation as students tend to be inhibited in front of parents. To accommodate this, we ask that parents refrain from sitting in on sessions for the sake of not only their own child but the courtesy of others who may be part of a session. Parents are always welcome to attend a consultation or the very first lesson to check out the studio. Parents are also welcome to attend any advertised parents day or performance.

9) Once a student has enrolled for a semester, it is expected that they will finish that semester. As long as a student is enrolled in a semester or upcoming semester, any vocal coaching or instruction received outside of the studio must have advanced approval by your SBV instructor. In the event a SBV Instructor must take a leave of absence or vacation, SBV will make arrangements for students to have an approved substitute.

10) The studio communicates through its web site and e-mail. Each parent and student is expected to keep up with the studio calendar which is located on the Events page of the web site and e-mail. It is recommended that the calendar be checked on a weekly basis for updates and that e-mail be checked every other day.

11) It is recommended that a student practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and maintains consistency in session attendance to experience significant improvement. The instructor reserves the right to discontinue a student that fails to show adequate improvement.

12) A recital performance opportunity is offered at the end of each semester for all prepared students. Participation is encouraged, but optional. Junior high and high school students must be in attendance at Master Class in order to perform on a recital.  Songs performed in recital are performed by memory and must be approved in advance by the instructor. Recital dress and professional etiquette will be required and specified by the instructor.

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